at least i tried

by ronj

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first homebrew demo record
. composed and recorded in santiago, chile and grenoble, france
. between 2007 and 2009
. raw source material available at


released March 1, 2009





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Track Name: colours
black photos
fading into black pages
black ink
drowning in the same black pages

but then I blink my eyes
'see colors come out of them
leaving black pupils
life again, lights again, likes again

white pictures
digested by white pages
white ink
choking in the same white pages

but as I turn white pages
'see colors come out of them
escaping flatland
life again, lights again, likes again
Track Name: dans le club
all your thoughts so codified
and all your moves so conditioned
in front of some bitch so blondified
you're so artificial you make me cry

stop following
stop making as if
stop ignoring
stop fooling yourself
stop simulating
just say fuck
just be yourself
just realize you don't need all this
and feel your cowardice

better be alone than insincere
better be dead than surviving
i know I may sound weird
i know you won't understand me

but please

i don't wanna be part of this
let me live the life I want
but more importantly
would you answer to some questions I had about you

think of you
do you love? do you make?
do you achieve? do you progress?
do you realize you're not even asleep?
you are dead and lying on this quite dusty dirty dancefloor

but if some day you change your mind you can come back to me
we'll set up a great party to celebrate your return to sincerity
chinese lanterns, a red twilight and many people drinking, talking
especially joking 'bout how you came back with us

will be great
Track Name: dear mom
Track Name: sandbox
he's dreaming wishing out of the sandbox
his current playmate never deceives him
his current playmate is always with him
his current playmate seems quite strange

people's incomprehensive simplicity annoys him
people just say go catch the cutie, but
people forget his current playmate
people ignore his current playmate

there is not a glimpse of sincerity
in your eyes moaning just fuck randomly
so please understand his quite raw feelings
his favorite sandbox can remain empty

and before you ask for a photo, you may want to know her name
ok yes you really very, very very very pretty
but he really really, really really don't want play with you
truth is you're a very very, very very sexy lady
too bad you lost your lighters

no pretentiousness, he says
'doesn't see the point with you
better forget about his refuge playmate
the girl he's using to hide and flee, her name's
fake integrity
Track Name: all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
a melody like this
should be to talk 'bout you
but no way I do that
just cause I don't know you
so let's talk 'bout music
or partying or friends
or maybe my cat

(all work and no play makes jack a dull boy)
these are parcels of a life
that of course compensate
the fact that i'm lovemute
music keeps me hanging
my friends keep me dreaming
my cat lets me hoping

et si tu veux
on pourra peut-être parler
on pourra peut-être s'entendre
et qui sait même peut être
qu'on saura s'écouter
et on verra

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

you don't even imagine
what you could do
with a single word

cause I'm scared
and I keep avoiding you
while I know you're my greatest hope
and I am my worst enemy
but please
don't know if you understand me
would you help us ?

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

will you stop seeing me
as a lonely boy, and understand
i am just alone
Track Name: it's not really me